Our Future

December 27, 2016

Our Future

R.W. Summer Imports is all about bringing our customers the finest quality merchandise from around the world. As we go forward, continuing to build our store, we are always evaluating new products, and some will become part of our collections. We are excited to add items to our collections, but we will only do so if an item meets our strict quality standards. Our goal is to keep our merchandise fresh and relevant, to expand our offerings, and to that end, as we continue to build our brand, we are committed to only offering the finest quality merchandise, excellent detail oriented service, and good old fashioned appreciation for our customers. Because you, our customers, are the reason we exist.

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Bedding Size Chart Page
Bed Size Mattress Size Bedspread Size Comforter Size Blanket Size
Twin 39" x75" 80" x 110" 68" x 86" 66" x 90"
Twin XL 39" x 80" N/A use Twin 68" x 90" N/A use Twin
Full or Double 54" x 75" 96" x 110" 78" x 86" to 86" x 86" 80" x 90"
Queen 60" x 80" 102" x 116" 86" x 86" to 86" x 94" 90" x 90"
California King or King 72" x 84" 114" x 120" 102" x 86" to 102" x 94" 108" x 90"
Daybed or Trundle 39" x 75" 84" x 117" 66" x 92" 66" x 90"
Note: Standard Mattress Thickness Approximately 7".
Comforter and Bedspread sizes may vary slightly by manufacturers.
This Size Chart reflects the most common sizes.